Tracing The Roots of Mexican Art

Mexican artThe Mexican art has a rich history and distinguishable style. Many avid art enthusiasts travel to Mexico to further explore Mexico’s unique art. If you are one of those who want to experience Mexico and its rich heritage, check out Agave Villas –

The Mexican art began between the 1500 BC and 1500 AD by the first people in the state which are the Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs, and Incans.

The Olmecs were the ones who built sculptures for their rulers and whose architectural designs were influenced by the original hieroglyphic writers when they created a calendar.

The Aztecs were the people who used art as a tool to achieve political and cultural leadership over others. They were influenced by their neighboring states in creating a 3-dimensional sculpture. What’s more, they are known for the superb skill in metalwork.

The Mayans exposed multiple energetic artworks involving shells, bone, stone, wood, obsidian, silver, jade, clay, textiles, precious metals and stucco. For instance, they created painted vessels, portraits made of stucco; carved mirrors made from obsidian and more.

The Incans were those who made use of geometrical shapes to design their art such as metalwork, ceramics, textiles, and more. Although many artworks of theirs were destroyed by European invaders, there is still a lot which survived and became a treasure to show their creativity in the present.

Mexico is a cultural center for Hispanic literature, art, and heritage (US Eng)

Types of Mexican Art

What are the different types of Mexican art? Well, we have the following:

  • Mexican Ceramics
  • Mexican Poetry or also known by the term Talavera
  • Ceramics of Jalisco
  • Marta Otiz Pottery
  • Tree of life craft
  • Baro Negro Pottery
  • Green Glazed pottery of Atzompa
  • Pottery of Metepec

Before the Mexican borders were conquered by other countries particularly Spaniards, Mexican ancestors used to create magnificent artwork with the use of feathers. They use it to create religious images or pictures, and illustrations for a manuscript. Besides, although their paintings were in European style, the border of their frame was still decorated with corn, cacao, leaves, and pineapples. This only proves that native Mexicans in the past were very creative and resourceful and was able to establish a name that can be known by other people during their time.