The Connection of Clothing and Art

There have constantly been significant associations between clothing and art such as the Milan clothing. However, one of the recurrent but uncertain and unsettled arguments in fashion relates to the query regarding whether or not some fashion is considered or described as an art. Artists have recorded the transitory and changing styles in fashion.

Aileen Ribeiro book, Clothing Art, presents an edifying account of the correlation between clothing and artists from the 17th century when a more intricate and refined manner of dressing up initially materialized, to the early years of the 20th century, when the limitations between fashion and art have grown more smooth and flexible where haute fashion design is considered as art, and where textiles were used in art and clothes in exceedingly artistic and inventive ways

Clothing Art is the first book that delves into the enthralling aspects of the interaction and relationship between clothing and art. This fabricated a new and inventive history of clothing and fashion wherein artists play a crucial part. Ribeiro’s account regarding clothing and art covers the ways artists embody the outfits they portray in their design.

Art and fashion are two fields that circle around creativity and this is one link that they share which connects both. Artists are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings through art and the medium and elements used to create a piece of art may describe a lot about the artist. Fashion does the same thing. Fashion can be about self-expression. Through the outfits and accessories we wear, we are able to express our individuality. We can certainly say art and fashion are linked and both impact each other.

One example that epitomizes the relationship of art and fashion is the Mondrian dress. The Mondrian dress was materialized by Yves Saint Laurent fashioned and reached the runways in 1965. The design was inspired by the primary color cubism of Piet Mondrian. This style was at its peak of popularity in the later year during the 60s to the early 70s. The dress had a simple form and presented blocking of dramatic colors which was a perfect depiction of the style they had during those times.