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The statues – that I make start at a dimension between sleeping and awakening. They are in my hands and I draw they or them find their way to a different material or clay. And they are there. New statues, not completed simultaneously. Something must be done. A leg or A cheek isn’t yet completed. Maybe the shape is right, but the skin requires some attention. Something itches and irritates. Hence till I am ready to find the things and make the changes that the statue must wait. Away from me, it has gained its reason for existence, at a particular moment. I will be amazed in addition to another view when it’s a sculpture that is fantastic. The sculpture will tell its own story than I planned when it was being made by me.

All place to dry or be polished or abraded worked with. With an exhibition, the figurines are in equilibrium with one another and the surrounding function. Each bit getting the space it requires, with an opponent who will manage it and can make it radiate, with the lighting. A perfect situation. See the work in its beauty.

The whisper from the world that is strange will enchants every now and then someone and will recognize a portion of his heart. Covered by a piece of fabric and a bag. Or naked between statues in the making or nearly finished. In my world, in my focus, in my breath. Amongst acquaintances and friends, in my hands’ ballet. Until it’s finished. Then it’ll be photographed (for your own novels) and put into a box to watch for a display or a demonstration.

The owners create the situation, only in a manner that is different, in a world with life forms that are varied. Here its story is told by the statue. The base born between sleeping and awakening, move remains. Everywhere.