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The art of manipulation
– We’re exposed to puppets as kids in library programs, schools, museums, toys, dolls, movies, and television. We all have been subjected to puppets from childhood and continue to be entertained by them as adults. A puppet is often times called a doll if movements are run by electronic or mechanical gadgets.

What’s a puppet?

It’s an object made from fabric, paper, wood, saw dust, straw, cotton, and other materials that could be formed to represent an object, an animal, or a person. The costume is run by the celebrity with his own body that allows more movement freedoms for the personality. The celebrity may work rod and hand devices and wear a microphone for his voice. Another operator or this actor using a device can work some controls away from the character.The character may vary from six feet or taller in height following the actor is in costume. Some puppets are taller and larger than human beings.


Does one like acting? Does one own a desire? Puppetry has been an art form variant gift in most single media outlet and is theatre. Many puppeteers are timid. They like to get hidden with optimism beneath the scenes working telling a narrative, whereas the puppets are vulnerable and acquire attention. Puppeteers have time-consuming and hand communication skills in addition to the eye.