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Reverse Art: A unique art – When an artwork is made on a support like canvas or wood panel, it’s painted from exactly the exact same angle and direction that it’s going to ultimately be seen from on completion. In the case of painting in reverse the side and the artwork’s side instead of one another.

A reverse painting is made by painting a topic on one side of a sheet of glass (or plexiglass) and then it’s viewed from the opposite side of the glass, or through the glass.

The effect which glass can give by means of the painting technique can make it a really beautiful object. Some artists use glass that is thick to be able to give depth.

For people who see a reverse painting on glass for the very first time, it may take a little time to see that the subject was painted on the surface of the glass itself.

Likewise, an artwork that’s created on a canvas usually starts with a rough outline and slowly builds towards its conclusion and finishing touches. With the usage of the painting technique this process begins where it would normally finish, and finishing touches such as finer details as well as the artist’s signature are often applied first and the desktop applications of color are added afterwards, hence the usage of the term ‘reverse painting’.